What’s Hand2Hand all about?

Hand2Hand’s goal is to empower consumers all around the world to access a full range of products not currently available in their countries, too expensive or simply out of reach because there’s no online presence for it.

Though e-Commerce platforms have been changing the panorama over the years, there’s still a problem to solve with access to a lot of items. Hand2Hand set itself to change it, by connecting people in transit looking to make extra money, with little effort on their part, with people looking to buy hard-to-get products.


The table above is merely representative but shows how much the price of the same item can vary between different regions of the Globe. This has to do not only with transportation costs but also several layers of tax duties, on top of production cost. As you can see, a product in high demand such as an iPhone 7 may well cost more than double the original price!

We propose a great way to shop around and get great prices – for consumers – and to make extra money, with little effort, either by selling or fulfilling people’s requests – for travellers.

All you need is a smartphone, Hand2Hand’s app and brush up your bargaining skills!


Start using Hand2Hand today and create bridges over borders!