Pedro Vilela

Co-Founder, Co-CEO, CMO

Pedro previously co-founded another funded startup which grew from Lisbon to London, having worked with top-tier clients such as Unilever, Uber and the Wall Street Journal. He is a lover of all things Marketing! Always thinking of creative new ways to engage with potential customers and creating new partnerships to help spread our business across the globe.

Pedro Almeida

Co-Founder, Co-CEO, CTO

Pedro is an extremely business-minded engineer, with a creative mind. He likes to tackle difficult problems with simple, elegant solutions combining technology and design. He’s been working in several different industry domains in IT – from public to private sector, from food to music industry – making him a well-rounded professional.


Andrew Bart


Andrew Bart is an early and growth stage venture capital investor, advisor, and C-Suite executive.  His passion for emerging technology as well as the startup incubation and acceleration process drives Andrew to serve as a fractional Chief Growth Officer and foster growth on a granular level. Andrew’s 15+ year career initiated on the startup team at iCrossing which ultimately exited to Hearst Corporation for $325 million.  As a tech entrepreneur, Andrew founded, bootstrapped, and successfully exited a supply chain management and lead generation technology platform to a global pet product manufacturer.

Dan Myers

Strategic Advisor

Dan Myers is a Partner at 42Phi Ventures. He has advised early-stage startups from around the world for 10+ years and impacted corporate innovation strategies for far longer. He is an avid advocate for inclusion among startups & entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, especially those outside of Silicon Valley. In his career, Dan managed the Runway Incubator in San Francisco, worked to grow the Extreme Tech Challenge into the most extravagant startup competition with finalists pitching to Sir Richard Branson at his Necker Island home, helped startups raise $330 million in funding, and influenced more than a dozen acquisitions.


Joana Tudela Poiares

PR & Marketing Manager

Joana is a brilliant executor and is helping us implement our marketing strategy. Besides that, she coordinates and plans our partnership deals. Given her broad experience in media affairs, she’s also responsible for our PR strategy.

João Bizarro

Community Champion

João is an artist and you can find him often sketching cityscapes with his Micron pen on his Moleskine. He’s helping us reach out to the community and making sure it’s growing strong! Being also a lover of all things travel himself, he has the mindset that enables him to better understand the needs and expectations of our community.