Wine, World and Hand2Hand

Wine, World and Hand2Hand

Today we could talk about vodka, but we won’t. Everyone knows that we probably would need an all-night to talk about it.
So let’s talk about wine. Today we’ll give you information which you might not know and show you some thoughts when it comes to get together wine and Hand2Hand.
All of you, by now, know Hand2Hand and there for can imagine where this will lead. But we invite you, dear consumers, travelers and adventurers, to stay with us and learn more in order to get the knowledge of what products you must look for.

Go For a Glass of Wine History
To begin, we’d like to give you some lights on what this world’s antique renowned drink is.
Wine, along with mead, is probably one of the oldest drinks in the world and definitely the most appreciated. It’s been a part of the world’s commercial and cultural evolution since always and we can see its representation on several art pieces and read about it in historical documents.
In fact, if we go back more than a couple of thousand years ago, we can find that the Greeks and the Romans even had their own gods for it – Dionysus and Bacchus, respectively. We also know that wine have a religious connection even nowadays – in the Catholic Church for instance, representing the Blood of Christ.
But was the Roman Empire who took the most important step in producing and commercialize wine. When they invaded Gaul (today, France) they conquered a region called Bordeaux, a land rich for its wine. Soon they learned that they could spread vineyards all across other regions. And so it began. Wine started to exist all over the Empire and several times as trade coin. Actually, some say that wine was how the Romans took the Nordics down on negotiations for Europe.
Since this time, every single continent in the world produces its own wine with its own taste, color, texture and smell. Also, a lot of wine has been drunk and a lot of history has been written.

Bottles Up: The World’s Most Exporting Countries
According to the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (International Organization for Vineyards and Wine), the global sales from wine exports made by countries amounted US$32,4 billion last year and set an increase by 1.7%, from 2015 to 2016.
From each producer continent, the one that stood up the most was Europe, worth 69.5% of the exported wine sales. Oceania, led by Australia and New Zealand, was followed by the Caribbean and Latin America exporters (with the exception of Mexico). Asia came before North America and Africa was the last in the list.
Overall, this were the 10 countries that exported the highest dollar value in wine, in 2016:
1. France (US$ 9.1 billion)
2. Italy (US$ 6.2 billion)
3. Spain (US$ 3 billion)
4. Chile (US$ 1.9 billion)
5. Australia (US$ 1.7 billion)
6. United States (US$ 1.6 billion)
7. New Zealand (US$ 1.1 billion)
8. Germany (US$ 1 billion)
9. Argentina (US$ 816.8 million)
10. Portugal (US$ 804.5 million)

Bottles Up: The World’s Most Importing Countries
The value of wine imports, presented by WTEx (World’s Top Exports),was totaled by US$32.9 billion, in 2016.
Again, Europe won on the imported wine with 48,8% of global total. The North Americans were in second, with 23,8%, while Asia was in third, with 21,5%. Although we have to say that the fastest-growing markets for wine since 2012 were China, Hong Kong, United States and France.
We now present you the Top 10 countries that imported the highest dollar value in 2016:
1. United States (US$ 5.8 billion)
2. United Kingdom (US$ 4.1 billion)
3. Germany (US$ 2.7 billion)
4. China (US$ 2.4 billion)
5. Canada (US$ 1.8 billion)
6. Hong Kong (US$ 1.6 billion)
7. Japan (US$ 1.5 billion)
8. Switzerland (US$ 1.1 billion)
9. Netherlands (US$ 1 billion)
10. Belgium (US$ 998.9 million)

A Bottom Up for Curiosities:
. Well, do you know which in the number of land areas under vines in Europe? According to a study made in April 2017, Spain covered a total area of 975 kha, while France, Italy, Portugal and Romania came after respectively. Outside Europe, China comes in first place with an impressive number of 847kha, followed by Turkey, United States, Argentina and Chile.
. Do you know that everyone loves wine? With that same study we can show you that, in the year 2000, the world consumed near 225mhl. But that number had (and has) a tendency to increase. In 2016 people consumed more than 242mhl worldwide.
. Did you ever wondered which countries were the greatest producers of wine? Well, we’ll tell it for you: the first place belongs to Italy, next we have France, in third we have Spain followed by the United States and then Australia.
. And also, if you are a traveler, we can tell you where you should mostly put up for sell the bottles of wine for this Christmas, since the top consumers of wine are the United States, France, Italy, Germany, China and United Kingdom.

So, now that we showed you some cool stories and information, it’s time for you to start doing some math and we’ll help you in less than 10 steps. Wait. You don’t believe it’s possible?
Let’s go then:
1. Download our app Hand2Hand;
2. Register
3. Associate your PayPal – to access the secure payment;
4. Choose any bottle of wine you want from all over the world;
5. Wait a few time until someone agrees to get it for you;
6. Receive the bottle and pay to the traveler;
7. Invite friends for dinner;
8. And put a big smile on your face with that special bottle of wine.

In Hand2Hand we like to show you the fantastic opportunities you have by using our app. They are plenty and we don’t even need to make an effort to think what to show you next. Actually, everything is so easy and smooth… Like a nice glass of wine, at home this Christmas. We all love it!
Don’t forget that to download our app on AppStore you just have to click here.
Hope you all liked our blog post for today.

Stay awesome,

The Hand2Hand Team

Lisbon, By A Digital Nomad

Lisbon, By A Digital Nomad

If you are a digital nomad and never went to Lisbon, you’re making a huge mistake. And we at Hand2Hand don’t like to see you making these mistakes.
Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a country founded in 1143 and the first one in the world with border-lines defined. Lisbon is also the second oldest capital in Europe, right after Athens.
If you are a digital nomad you’ve probably heard of it by now: we’re talking about a city that besides all the magnificent history surrounding it, is also one of the most innovating cities in Europe, a place full of young talents and the home of Web Summit for the second year in a row. On Web Summit 2017 there will be attending about 60.000 people. There are some people that say Lisbon is Europe’s Silicon Valley.
So now, without further ado, we’ll list you, our fellow digital nomad, a few of the coolest spots to visit and revisit while staying in this sunny city. 


Monuments and must-see places:
• S. Jorge’s Castle – This castle is dated from the 14th century and it’s named after the saint who protected the knights and the crusades. As a military monument, it has a great view over the city.
• Jerónimos Monestery – Was built in 1502, ordered by D. Manuel I. It’s protected by UNESCO and shows the Portuguese adventure over the Discovery era.
• Santa Justa Elevator- also called “The Carmo Elevator” was built in 1900. If you ascent to the top beside the fantastic view you’ll encounter, you can also enjoy a great coffee shop to relax for a little while.
• Miradouro da Graça – If you enjoy urban landscape this is the place for you. From this spot you can take the most beautiful photos of the city.
• Alfama – Is the oldest and more typical local in Lisbon. It was built by the arabs before the Christian conquer, and it has until today the urban lines. Must-see.

Museums and Cultural points of interest:
• CCB Museum – Located in the Empire Plaza, in Belém, was constructed in 1993. It’s finality was to gather the HQ of the European Community Portuguese presidency.
• MAAT – This museum is one of the most recent ones in Lisbon. This beautiful building located right by the river side holds it’s name for Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.
• Fado Museum – Who could think of visiting Lisbon without hearing Fado, the typical Portuguese genre? It holds documentation center, a theme shop, an auditorium and a restaurant, beside the permanent expos.
• Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Built in 1955, the founder gave his cultural collections to this institution. In there, you can visit the library, two museums and hear their magnificent orchestra, choir and watch some shows.
• Zoo – Founded by Duarte d’Abranches Bizarro in 1884, it holds more than 332 species and it’s one of the most important zoos in Europe. It’s located in Sete Rios and you have no excuse not to visit because you have a lot of public transportations to take you there.

Local Markets:
• Martim Moniz ethnic market – In these narrow streets located in the center of the city, you can find here all the tastes in the world.
• Feira da Ladra – This flea market began in the 13th century. It’s located in Campo de Santa Clara and you can find all types of memorabilia and trinkets in here.
• Mercado do Jardim – It’s a design and craft market in one of the most fabulous gardens in Lisbon. Beautiful ancient trees and fishes swimming the ponds are the scenario to this idyllic fair.
• Mercado de Alvalade – If you feel like staying at home and cook your own meal for the day, there’s not a better place to purchase your fresh vegetables and fish than in here.
• The Biological Market – Horticultural products, herbs, cereals, wine and soaps. These are a few of the things you can find in this local market in Principe Real.

Restaurants and “petiscos”:
• Mercado da Ribeira (Time Out Market) – Open since 1882 and restored in 2001, it’s now explored by Time Out and holds a social and cultural side. You can also find here cool restaurants and craft shops.
• Casa da Mariquinhas – Remember when we talked about Fado? Well, this is the place to go if you’re in the mood for “Saudade” and eating traditional dishes like codfish in the oven and “Cozido à Portuguesa”.
• Chinês Clandestino (Clandestine Chinese) – You can’t see it but its right in front of you. In Rua do Benformoso you have this secret spot to eat good Chinese food… and also feel a little rebellious.
• Burger Factory – In Alcântara you can find this Burger shop whre you can taste all kinds of burger mixes. It has a great ambience and you can also go for a walk around after your dinner.
• Pharmacia – the name speaks for itself. This restaurant is decorated just like a pharmacy and has a terrace with a view to the river Tejo.

Coffee Shops and a bite:
• Pastéis de Belém – Since 1837, this factory of cream custards has shown the world how much everyone has a sweet tooth. You can taste this little pieces of heaven in the exact same luxurious factory.
• Pois, Café – Vegan friendly, it’s a lovely place with an awesome decoration, where you can relish in a hot beverage at the end of the evening, eating, working or reading.
• A Brasileira – The second home of Pessoa, one of the most brilliant Portuguese writers, it was founded in 1905 and it’s always an emblematic spot to grab a cup of coffee and watch the crowd walk by.
• Versailles – Feeling fancy for breakfast? We got you. This majestic bakery shop makes all your dreams come true.
• Fábrica Coffee Roasters – It’s an artisanal coffee shop where you can taste all kinds of coffee aromas. If you’re into caffeine, this is the place for you.

Pubs and Night Out:
• Darwin’s Café – this café is a bar, lounge and restaurant, all rolled into one. Has a decoration that takes you to the naturalist universe of this British biologist.
• LX Factory – An old factory in Alcântara was taken to be one of the coolest and hip places in Lisbon. Alongside with architecture offices, a library and ethnic restaurants, you can relax and enjoy a drink in any of their fantastic pubs.
• Ginjinha – Actually, this is also the name of the drink that this shop sells. It’s made from a fruit dipped in aguardente, this sweet tang shop began in 1840.
• Pensão Amor – This pub is for lovers or someone who wants to get a drink with friends in a sexy place.
• Bairro Alto, Alfama, Martim Moniz and Cais do Sodré – These are the names of two of locals in Lisbon. The reason why we put them together is because they are so near from one another that the fun extends from one side to the other. Dozens of pubs offer you beer, ethnic drinks, whiskey, cocktails and music.

This is our summarized list. If you are a digital nomad you can take your computer, your camera and your work to any of the above places because, yes, most of them have Wi-Fi. For someone who works abroad, Lisbon is a very beautiful, sunny and relaxing city – the perfect place for digital nomads.
By the way, since you have your smartphone with you, download now for free the Hand2Hand app here, because you really must take to your next destination some Portuguese products that this city can offer you.

Hope you all took notes, see you next time,
The Hand2Hand Team.

Hand2Hand’s Web Summit ‘17 Tour

Hand2Hand’s Web Summit ‘17 Tour

This is the year of 2017 and Hand2Hand is going great!

Most might think that this is our first international event, but it’s not. We’ve attended the fantastic WEBIT, Sofia – Bulgaria, the beautiful Unbound, London – England. And now, we’ve been in the awesome Web Summit, Lisbon – Portugal.

As we told you all before, this idea began in February this year, when the two founders of Hand2Hand discover a gap in our world: traveling means spending money, people always want to have stuff that some of the times are too expensive in their country and other times is not available, or the payment method is not safe. Hand2Hand solves all these problems. We make every shopper happy with their buys and every travel profitable.

History Summit

The Web Summit company started a few years ago, in 2009, with the name Dublin Web Summit. It was founded by Paddy Cosgrave, Daire Hickey and David Kelly.

This event is the biggest in Europe and embrace several worldwide tech companies and start-ups, along with known CEOs, persons of global interest, investors from all over the world and attendees interested in making partnerships or just with an enormous curiosity of seeing what’s really new in this world.

Web Summit is also responsible for many global events of this area like Collision in New Orleans, RISE in Hong Kong, F.ounders in Dublin, MoneyConf in Madrid and SURGE in Bangalore.

Pre- Stand A606

This 9th edition felt like we were not only going to present our idea once again to the world, but also that we were really a part of this event, after all, we’re Portuguese and we were playing at home.

Over 60.000 people attended to the event and since day one, we just figured that it would be awesome.

The waiting lines were moving fast, along with our heart beats, and as soon as we got into the first pavilion everything came to surface:

Pitch – check

Elevator pitch – also check

Badges – yes, we have

Smile – yap

All good? – LET’S GO, DUDE!!!

We were only exhibiting our stand at the last day. Many can think it would be terrible. The thing is that, like this, we had space enough in the first days to grow our contacts, make some networking, establish great partnerships with other companies and startups and enjoy the event itself.

Those first days were crazy, a lot of exposure from us brought interviews in the social media, people that wanted to meet our team and also great opportunities to meet and talk to global investors interested in our work.

About those first days, Pedro Almeida, Co-Founder and CTO of Hand2Hand says, ‘’It was an intense experience. I had high expectations for the event as we had been planning carefully our actions beforehand. We knew who we wanted to reach out or meet personally.’’.

Stand A606

So, you already can figure that we inverted what most people think about the last day: we gathered contacts, investors, partners and attendees on every way we could and it worked. Everyone went to our stand on the last day of the event to meet us, to know more about Hand2Hand and to find what they can expect about this all new Borderless Marketplace.

But, if I might say, it was even better. Not only all those people showed up, but also a lot of others came to know our app. It was terrific to see all that interest, all those people walking and suddenly stop to snap a picture of our stand, our name, grab a flyer and a card and talk to us saying that we really solved a problem in their lives, that they now can buy products faster, safer and cheaper or profit with their travels by selling any item and delivering it in their next travel destination. Digital nomads, flight attendants, pilots, travelers, all kinds of people.

We also achieved great partnerships with great companies of hostels, hotels and travel agencies from all around the world. We’re growing so fast that is even hard to tell you all how much we’re happy.

Pedro Vilela, Co-Founder and CMO of Hand2Hand say about this day that “What surprised me the most was the enormous quantity of travelers that recognized how useful Hand2Hand is. It was a great proud for me, and for us, the congratz words we received and the amount of fans we gained through the all event.”.

If you were not able to attend Web Summit ’17, Lisbon, and you didn’t get to know us, let me say that you have a chance to do so here, on our website, where we show you our Team, what we do and who we are. Our website also explains to you how our app works and all the benefits you have in carrying us in your smartphone. Also, you can download the Hand2Hand free app here.

We can’t end this post without thanking to Web Summit for this amazing opportunity, our partners and future partners for their interest, investors and possible investors for their commitment when talking to us and, of course, all those people that were so enthusiastic about our app that really downloaded there, in our very own stand.

Thank you all so much. We’ll keep growing,

The Hand2Hand Team

Web Summit Tour da Hand2Hand

Web Summit Tour da Hand2Hand

Estamos no ano de 2017 e a Hand2Hand não podia estar a correr melhor!

A maioria pode pensar que este é o nosso primeiro evento internacional, mas não é. Nós já estivemos presentes na fantástica WEBIT, em Sofia – Bulgária, na maravilhosa Unbound, Londres – Inglaterra. E agora nós estivemos na fantástica Web Summit, Lisboa – Portugal.

Como anteriormente publicámos no nosso blog, esta ideia começou em Fevereiro deste ano, quando os dois fundadores da Hand2Hand descobriram um nicho por preencher no nosso mundo: viajar significava despesa, as pessoas queriam produtos que muitas vezes eram demasiado caros no seu país ou que nem estava disponível para venda, ou não confiavam no método de pagamento. A Hand2Hand resolve todos estes problemas. Nós fazemos os nossos compradores satisfeitos com o que adquirem e cada viagem torna-se possível de lucrar.

History Summit:

A empresa Web Summit começou à uns anos atrás, em 2009, com o nome Dublin Web Summit. Foi fundada por Paddy Cosgrave, Daire Hickey e David Kelly.

Este evento é o maior que existe na Europa e dele fazem parte várias companhias e start-ups mundiais direcionadas à tecnologia, a par de conhecidos CEOs, pessoas de relevância global, investidores de todos os cantos do mundo e outros presentes interessados em fazer parcerias ou simplesmente conhecer o que existe de topo nesta categoria.

A Web Summit é também responsável por eventos globais desta área como por exemplo Collision em Nova Orleães, RISE em Hong Kong, F.ounders em Dublin, MoneyConf em Madrid e SURGE em Bangalore.

Pré- Stand A606:

Esta 9ª edição dava a parecer que nós não só iriamos apresentar a nossa ideia mais uma vez ao mundo, mas também que faríamos parte deste mesmo evento. Afinal de contas, nós somos portugueses e estávamos a jogar em casa.

Cerca de 60.000 pessoas compareceram ao evento e desde esse primeiro dia que tivemos a sensação que iria ser fantástico.

As filas de espera moviam-se rapidamente, assim como o bater dos nossos corações ansiosos e assim que entrámos no primeiro pavilhão, tudo começou a surgir:

Pitch – check

Elevator Pitch – também check

Credenciais – sim, temos

Sorriso – yap

Tudo certo? – VAMOS EMBORA!!!!!

Iriamos apenas exibir o nosso stand no ultimo dia do evento. Existem pessoas que certamente pensaram que iria ser terrível. O que aconteceu foi que nós conseguimos ter tempo suficiente logo nos primeiros dias para aumentar os nossos contactos, fazer networking, começar grandes parcerias com outras empresas e start-ups e ainda aproveitar o evento em si.

Os primeiros dias foram de loucos, a nossa elevada exposição a tantos meios e pessoas trouxe-nos entrevistas com a comunicação social, pessoas que queriam conhecer a nossa equipa e também grandes oportunidades de conhecer e falar com investidores de todo o mundo interessados na Hand2Hand.

Em relação aos primeiros dias, Pedro Almeida, Co-Fundador e CTO da Hand2Hand, diz, “Foi uma experiência intensa, Tinhamos grandes expectativas já que planeamos cuidadosamente as nossas ações com antecedência. Sabíamos quem queríamos alcançar e conhecer pessoalmente.”.

Stand A606

Portanto, já todos entenderam que invertemos o que a maior parte das pessoas pensa em relação ao último dia: nós juntámos contactos, investidores, parceiros e pessoas presentes de todos os lados e maneiras que podíamos, e conseguimos. Todos foram ao nosso stand no ultimo do evento para nos conhecer, para se informarem melhor sobre a Hand2Hand e saber o que poderiam contar deste novo Mercado Sem Fronteiras.

Mas, deixem-me acrescentar, foi ainda melhor do que o que parece. Não só todas essas pessoas apareceram, como também muitas outras vieram conhecer a nossa app. Foi maravilhoso ver todas estas pessoas interessadas, a caminharem e de repente pararem para tirar uma fotografia ao nosso stand, ao nosso nome, agarrar num panfleto e num cartão e falarem connosco dizendo que nós realmente resolvemos um problema das suas vidas, porque agora podem comprar produtos mais rapidamente, de forma segura e barata ou que passaram a ter uma maneira de lucrar com as suas viagens a partir da venda de artigos e entregá-los no seu próximo destino de viagem. Nómadas digitais, hospedeiras de bordo, pilotos de avião, viajantes, todos os tipos de pessoas.

Também conseguimos parcerias maravilhosas com grandes empresas de cadeias de hostels, hotéis e agências de viagens de cariz global. Estamos a crescer tão rapidamente que é difícil expressar o quão felizes estamos.

Pedro Vilela, Co-Fundador e CMO da Hand2Hand, diz sobre este dia “O que mais gostei no dia da nossa exposição do stand foi a quantidade de pessoas que viajam e que viram a enorme utilidade da Hand2Hand. Foi um enorme orgulho a chuva de parabéns e novos fãs que ganhámos durante o evento.”.

Se não te foi possível comparecer na Web Summit ’17, Lisboa, e não conseguiste conhecer-nos, deixa-me dizer que tens a possibilidade de o fazer aqui no nosso website, onde damos a conhecer a nossa equipa, o que fazemos e o que somos. O nosso website também explica como a nossa app funciona e todas as suas benesses que existem ao nos transportar no seu smartphone. Também, podes descarregar gratuitamente a app Hand2Hand aqui.

Não podemos acabar esta publicação sem agradecer à Web Summit por esta oportunidade fantástica, aos nossos parceiros e futuros parceiros pelo seu interesse, aos investidores e possíveis investidores pelo seu compromisso quando nos abordaram e, claro, a todas as pessoas que se mostraram entusiasmadas em relação à nossa app e que chegaram a descarrega-la no próprio momento, ali mesmo no nosso stand.

Muito obrigado. Continuaremos a crescer,

A Equipa Hand2Hand

Hand2Hand on Erasmus

Hand2Hand on Erasmus

After we wrote articles in our blog talking about fashion, packing, hostels, and so on, today we’ll talk about something very different
but which requires our maximum attention.
If you’re on Erasmus, if you’ll be on Erasmus or simply want to know more about this
amazing experience, this blog post is for you.
We all know that studying and embrace a life of achieving more knowledge for
yourself is the best way for you to get professional results and actually turn your life pretty well.
The Erasmus Program is a fantastic experience that blows your all life away. Usually, the far
you get from your home-culture, the best you’ll guarantee all the time spent in this adventure.

Erasmus – A Bit of History

The Erasmus Protocol, or Erasmus Program, was born in the year of 1987 and have as
main objective, until today, the support for college students, providing international mobility
between the Countries Members of the European Union and the associated countries. The idea
is to make possible for every student in the world to come across this borderless adventure, in
search for knowledge, experience and the opening of new horizons.


The name given to this educational protocol come from the Dutch Erasmus of
Rotterdam, the known dogmatic philosopher that studied and worked in several European
countries and which left all his fortune to the Basel’s University.
E.R.A.S.M.U.S also means European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of
University Students.

Erasmus – The Protocol that Revolutionized Europe

When picked this subject for this article, I had from the first moment the idea that was
so important to speak about the revolution that this program originated in all the college
students. The experiences that they don’t forget, the know-how they learn, the life they embrace,
the sacrifices they make, the parties that become memories forever on their minds. However, I
must admit, when I started to write this caption I came across with the impression that this idea,
as for itself, is not good enough and it wouldn’t bring justice to the deep changes we see, and
feel, in the European context.
The Erasmus Program, by fomenting the students growth (in every way), is making a
huge change in the socio-economic panorama lived in all European communities.



Truth is that these students take Home, or wherever they go in the future, different kinds of life and work
concepts – many times even better than the originals due to the time they have to reflect -, new
worries that they recognize as real problems and a maximized will to fix them by believing that
‘yes, it’s must be possible’.
We can easily say that, this way, there is an obvious multicultural exchange done by
young students who are willing to learn, to recognize, to globalize and to make this world a
better place.

Erasmus – The Reality Behind Fun



In addition to all the points we talked before about knowledge and study, we must also
say that fun is a part of this educational program. With a new country, or city, come new
adventures, new streets to discover, new people to talk to, new nights to explore, new days with
new suns. And its worth. It worth because that’s all part of the growing, as a person, of each
But not everything is just easy as going out at to bar and order the local drink all night.
Freedom is not always an easy thing to manage of to face. Therefore, allow me to present you
some points we find interesting to discuss about this matter:

1.Picking the Erasmus location – you all can understand that this would be
something easy to decide, but if we analyze this closely, it gets tricky. There are so
many European cities and on the top of them we can find some like Lisbon, Porto,
Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Oxford, London, Warsaw, among others.
So, please, pick one choosing by the prestige, employability, sun, beer, etc.;

2.Take care of the paper work – is not as hard as it might sounds. It could be a lot
of papers to deal with, depending on the level of bureaucracy involved, but actually
the majority of it is based on the ‘copy-paste’ concept;

3.Find a place to stay – depending on the countries where you’re moving to, the
real task to find a place to call ‘home’ can be quite hard, especially when you don’t know the country or the main language.  However, I advise you to talk to your ‘future’ college. They always
have a proper department to support all the Erasmus students, which
can tell you what and where to look for, making this task easier for

4.Meeting your new home – an essential point. Get the weather information,
know what is the local language and how works the public transportations service.
After that, you can go meet your house (and maybe your roommates) and it’s time for
you to start learning your way to college, what is the nearest hospital, supermarkets
and groceries stores for food and basic products (and bars with cheap drinks, good
parties, the best music,…….). And if you’re thinking to come to Lisbon, don’t forget
to taste our very own famous cocktail, the Hand2Hand.

Got everything? Great!! Now, get the free download of the Hand2Hand app here
because things are going to get real and you can profit with your travel. Assuring some extra
money while on Erasmus is always nice!!

5.Planning your flight – now you know the day when your classes begin, now you
know when you must do the check-in at your place. It’s time to think to schedule your
flight with some time in advance. Make sure you don’t have any late time surprises
and take the best prices you can. Before packing, make sure you leave some empty
space and remember to snap a picture of some local products of your own country and
post them on Hand2Hand. When you arrive at your destination, you just have to
deliver it and receive your payment right away.

6.Planning your budget – while planning your budget, I must tell you, you’ll
never get the right number. Therefore, make an estimate based on this: you’ll need
money for the public transportations, your staying, your everyday basis (like hygiene,
food and parties), money to visit the city and maybe some extra to take a mini course
of the local language, if you’re interested!! To help in your budget, again, Hand2Hand is here: with the money you already received in your travel, you can certainly count on
some extra help. Remember that the more sales you do on the Hand2Hand app, the
more you profit without doing anything and more things you’ll be able to do while on
this adventure.



Don’t forget that while on vacations or by coming Home definitely, you can always
take some ‘souvenirs’ to sell, of course. All you have to do is snap a picture of any product you
find, add a small description, introducing your price and wait a moment ‘till someone accepts
you offer.
As you see, Hand2Hand can be very handy in every situation, even if you’re an
Erasmus student. Don’t forget that the Hand2Hand app is free, make you profit, that the
possibilities are infinite and that you can download it right here.

Have a good travel, study well and have fun!!
The Hand2Hand Team

Top 15 Products You Can Easily Sell On Hand2Hand 

Top 15 Products You Can Easily Sell On Hand2Hand 

By now you know that we, at Hand2Hand, like to keep our users satisfied. Therefore, we 
don’t want you to think that we don’t care about you. Actually, we’re here to help you in 
every way!  
So, today we’ll tell you some of the products you can order or find in your 
Hand2Hand app or give you some nice cool tips to profit with your travels.  
If you are a flight attendant, a digital nomad, a backpacker, a member of a cruise staff 
or just a tourist, you can think of easily putting up for sale some products that are top sales 
around the world! 
Mind that all the products here are published according to the number of worldwide 
sales. Let’s begin our list!! 


15. Sony PlayStation 


Being only rivaled with Microsoft’s Xbox, the PlayStation is the best-seller of gaming 
consoles. Actually, Sony has introduced a lot of new concepts and features throughout the years 
that kept the gaming world loyal to this living-room partner. With more than 335.000.000 units 
sold, we think it’s a good idea for you to snap a picture to our app and sell this amazing product 
in countries where the prices are just too high. 


14. Bluetooth Speakers


They are known by giving the best moments you’ll have in our life. While partying 
with your friends at home or, if you have an old car, with your date by the sea, the Bluetooth 
speakers make you feel like the only thing you need to make the mood even better is a drink. 


13. Bottle of Wine 


Speaking about drinks, wine is one of the most desirable drinks in the world. But the 
truth is that not every wine brand is commercialized in every part of our enormous world, so 
take an advantage on that. Request a bottle of wine for that special dinner with your friends or 
put it up for sale to one collector of great rare wines. 

12. Eatable Products 


Today we have a lot of people with different choices and tastes when it comes to their 
meal. Some of them take their food choices like a religion and need to have some local 
products not always available in their countries. We can tell you that the coconut oil is 
one of the most searched items in the internet, alongside with Matcha Powder (a fine powder 
made out of green tea that gives you the effects in a more powerful way). We are sure that they 
all want to pay less for their request by not submitting their payment to delivery transportations 
or extra taxes. 

11. Baby Products 


People who are parents know how much these things cost. From diapers to baby products, 
there are countries where the prices of this items are just a turn off! So stop doing the math 
and have fun, Hand2Hand is here to help you making possible to grow your family! 


10. Fashion Make-up Products 


Women are always looking for these products and either if you, our fellow reader, are a 
man or a woman, you can guess why. The truth is that these items are very often searched by 
Sometimes looking for cheaper products, other times looking for sophistication. And that makes 
both parts happy! 

9. Electronic Cigarettes 


A lot of smokers are looking for this item outside their countries, most of the time 
because the flavors don’t match to their choices or that special design is not available. Try your 
luck, as we said we’re here to help your needs. 


8. Cigars 


From where I’m from, good cigars are very expensive and most of the time we can 
only find the ‘cliché’ brands on the market. But with Hand2Hand that is no longer a problem. 
You can request that one of a kind brand of cigars that you love or, if you’re the traveler, try to 
sell it on our app. We guarantee you that it’s an easy sale! 

7. Local Crafts 


Who doesn’t want an amazing Thai mask on the wall of their living room? Who 
doesn’t want a little Buddha statue? Or a cute miniature of the Galo de Barcelos or tiles from Portugal? 
Or, let’s face it, a dish from Morocco or a fine jar from China? Yes, now having something 
really cool in your house is possible too. 

6. The iPad 


The iPad is one of the must searched items on the internet. It is probably the most 
famous and useful tablet on the planet. Sold more than 68.000.000 units and there is always 
someone wishing to have one! 



5. Portable Computers 


The portable computer is something you might say everyone can get one in their 
home countries, and you’re right. Yes, you’re right and we won’t even try to say that is not truth! 
But what we tell you is that not everyone has the portable computer they wish for. Look at the 
prices, always look at the prices on the market. Some countries have this product overpriced and 
you know it. We can say to you that the same computer that costs 1.300$ in the U.S.A. can cost, 
in lets say Brazil, 3.100$. What leads us to conclude there’s room here for profit. 

4. The Star Wars Franchise 


If you tell me that you don’t like Star Wars, I don’t buy it. But if you tell me you don’t 
even know what Star Wars is, I’ll just kill myself while emulating Chewbacca. The truth is that 
Star Wars is known all around the world. The saga has reached over $4.5 billion just in ticket 
sales, has billions of fans around the world and the franchise sold such fantastic numbers that 
we can’t even reproduce here. Don’t forget, someone always wants an awesome Star Fighter or an 
incredible Millennium Falcon. 

3. The Super Mario Franchise 


What to say about Super Mario? Not much! Probably we should say that they sold 
more than 262.000.000 units in franchise, that it is the most well-known video game in the world, 
that have countless fans and collectors worldwide, that the characters along the stories are like a religion and that this is just awesome!! Oh, and that when I was younger I 
asked my mum to give me a dog like Yoshi. 


2. Drones 


This highly searched item must be on our list. Futurist, weird, almost enigmatic and 
super fun. These are the adjectives that I’ve heard so far about this product. Actually, who 
doesn’t want one of these flying fantastic things? The thing is that this product can be used not 
just for fun but also to work – say in weddings, movies or live shows! This is also a much wanted 
item in the world that you can put up for sale on our Hand2Hand app. 


  1. The iPhone 


This is probably the only product you were expecting to see on our list. Well, here it 
is. The product that took Apple to even a further step on the future may not be liked by many 
people, but it sure is loved by far more. Sold more than 516.000.000 units and most people you 
see on the street, if they don’t have one, they crave for one! Once again, think of the market 
prices. See how much this product costs in different countries and start profiting with the most 
desirable smartphone on the world. 
So this was our list of products that you don’t have an excuse to say that you can’t 
take them with you in your bag. Now you know! 
Remember, with Hand2Hand there’s always space to profit and you can download our 
app here. 
Wish you some great deals!
The Hand2Hand Team 
10 Dishes you have to try around the world 

10 Dishes you have to try around the world 

At hand2hand we don’t want our users to travel on an empty stomach. And that’s why we came up with this awesome list of delicious dishes you have to try around the world. So, let’s begin our countdown! 


10- Pad Thai Noodles in Bangkok, Thailand  





ok so this is a personal favorite of me and my wife. When we traveled to Thailand a few years back we couldn’t get enough of this delicacy. 

Pad Thai Noodles is a tasty option for any traveler. No matter where you are eating this is definitely a go go! We had tried it everywhere from street sellers to luxury restaurants on the Phi Phi Island. And you know what? It always tasted great. 

Pad Thai are rice noodles typically served with shrimps, bean sprouts, sliced green onions, all mixed with galangal root topped with roasted peanuts, tamarind and fish sauce. 

Simple, fresh and will have you come back for more and more.  

There are other versions of this dish containing chicken instead of shrimp, but alas all are amazing! 

You can try and do this dish at home, however there are certain ingredients such as galangal that you will have a hard time finding back at home. So, we recommend you download hand2hand here: INSERT LINK and request a traveler to bring it back from Thailand.  


9- Peking Duck in Hong Kong, China 


Ah Hong Kong, the city of a thousand smells, a fusion of the old meets the new. Yet there are some dished that no matter how much time passes are simply a must try. 

We know you probably stumbled on this dish on some Chinese restaurant back home, but trust us, the amazing Pekin duck cooked in this city is difficult to beat anywhere else. 

The golden, crunchy skin with dripping sauce on the duck is the indication that you struck gold! 






Look for the small shops that have them turning on sticks in their barbecues, grab a seat and order some Huangjiu! 

You will be amazed with the way the skin peals easily from the breast of the duck. Order some Chinese rice and ask for a full duck, which they typically will bring it to the table, and slice it in front of you. 

An amazing dish to share with the one’s you love on that one of a kind trip! 


8 – Ramen Noodles in Tokyo, Japan  


Ok if you happen to be on Japan and what to try one of their most famous dishes you have to try Ramen! 

Ramen is essentially noodles with egg and pork meat dipped in a comfort fish based broth, with green onions and dried seaweed. 

This is typically a dish that you eat if you are on a hurry or travelling to somewhere else. 





All around Tokyo are this small Ramen places, where you can grab a seat at the counter, order a boll of Ramen and get it served really quick. 

There are even places with vending machines, where you first choose the dish you want, pay, and then grab a seat. Ramen will be in front of you in about 5-10 minutes! 


7 – Arroz de Marisco in Lisbon, Portugal 





Ok, this is another favorite of ours. Portugal is well known for it’s amazing cuisine, fresh fish and tasty sea food. Well “Arroz de Marisco” translates to Seafood rice basically. 

It typically contains clams, mussels, lobster and shrimps. 

The rice is served with a lot of sauce and is cooked so that the rice is a bit “al dente”. 

Some places use some spice in the sauce which elevates the flavor of the overall concoction. 

A must try if you are a real lover of seafood yourself! 


6- Paella in Canary Islands, Spain 


By now you must have realized we are real lovers of rice! Yes, the internationally known Paella is our next dish that you have to try! 

It is cooked on a large open fryer with saffron rice, shrimps, green peppers, squid, chicken and cow meat.  




Do make sure you have a lot of time as this dish usually takes an hour to cook from the moment you order.  

Also have in to account this is a dish typically for more than 2 people.  

Better accompanied by a nice glass of Sangria. 


5 – Pork Ribs in Texas, USA 





Texas is probably one of the meat capitals of the world. Being the biggest producer of meat products in the USA. 

Slowly cooked pork ribs with sweet barbecue sauce on top, with a side of spicy French fries and coleslaw salad is the way to go when you head to Texas with an empty stomach. 

Just to keep things top, do had a nice glass of fresh beer from the tap! 


4 – Bouillabaisse in Marseille, France 


Traditionally a dish eaten by the poor, nowadays it is a delicacy with high demand. 

Bouillabaisse consists of typically red rascasse, sea robin and European conger, it can also include monk fish and spider crab. And in some more expensive cases sea urchins and also langoustines. Everything is slow cooked in a pot with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and leeks. 




Next time you are on France, do try this you won’t regret it! 


3- Picanha in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 





If you are a meat lover, you can’t go wrong with this one! 

Picanha is a very thin sliced meat, that comes from cow’s rump cover or rump camp (the top part above the head of the cow). 

Served with white rice, black beans, crushed tapioca and salad. 

Picanha just melts in your mouth! 


2- Pizza in Naples, Italy 




Naples is the Pizza capital of the world, so you should definitely try it once in your life time. 

This pizza is not the one you are accustomed to back home. Its form is typically irregular, topped with delicious goodies and all kinds of Italian cheese that will leave your mouth watering just by smelling it on its way to your table. 


 1- Cozido à Portuguesa in Porto, Portugal 





Ok this is one of the best dished if not the best in the world.  

With meat cooked with cabbages, onions, carrots. Potatoes, blood sausages and beans. 

Served with rice cooked with the water from the Cozido’s broth. 

This is a dish that you want to have an army eating with you and have plenty of time. 

Oh, and better plan a long walk after it!  

It is a heavy dish and best eaten in the winter, however we promise besides making feel you full with will also make you feel warm and fuzzy in the inside! 


I hope you liked our list of best dishes around the world. Do keep following us on Twitter and like our Facebook page

And never go travelling on an empty stomach. 

And if you want to cook some of these dishes yourself remember you can request local ingredients in our App which you can download here


We hope you have an awesome day travelling and discovering this amazing world or ours. 

The hand2hand Team! 

Traveling in Paris with… CHANEL.

Traveling in Paris with… CHANEL.


For those who think we only talk about trips and local products, here’s one tip that you can get the most of to sell in your trips or buy in a fast way, cheaper and safe! 

 The Chanel brand is maybe one of the top 5 biggest brands in the world that most of us admire. It is an undoubtfully icon of fashion. Timeless, elegant and comfortable are just a few adjectives that are connected to this brand. Let’s go shopping? 

 Considered one of the greatest forces of the feminist movement since the beginning of the 20th century, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel was the responsible for the greatest changes in the feminine dressing code all over the world.  




Who Was Mademoiselle Coco Chanel? 


Let’s do a trip… She was born in the interior of France, in a little village called Saumur, in 19th August 1883. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel got orphan of her mother (who was a seamstress) at thirteen years old. Her father, Albert Chanel, sent her to the city’s orphanage in Auvergne, where she stayed until the end of her teenage years. However, the humble and simple life of the interior didn’t matched with the wishes of Coco Chanel. She worked as a cashier in a fabric store (where she learned how to be a seamstress, like her mother), she even worked in a cabaret called Café Beuglant de La Rotonde, where she sung the music ‘Qui qu’a vu Coco dans le Trocadero?’ (where she got her name Coco).  The French stylist, who became a symbol of revolution and so important in the women posture in the social scenario, acquiring elegance and simplicity as a survival way of life. With an impulsive tendency to lie (she suffered of mitomycin), she never admitted her poor roots. 






Her relationship with a billionaire cavalry officer, Etienne Balsan, took her to Paris and placed her in the French capital high society. But was with the help of the english Arthur Capel (which a lot of people say he was the stylist greatest love) that she opened her first store in 1909, the Chanel House, in a bottom floor of a building in Paris, where she started to sell women’s hats and accessories.  




The simple style, without great ornaments of flowers, enchanted the parisian women of the high burgess. Who was that woman who dared to present simple outfits with a design between men clothes and women dresses? From that moment forward, Coco Chanel decided to embrace the haute couture. Arthur saw in Coco the image of a future business woman and, in the year of 1910, decided to help her to get a fantastic and prestigious real estate in the 21 Rue Cambon. 



” There are no ugly women, just women poorly cared.”


This was the main motto of Coco Chanel. She set the women free from the suffocating stripes and corsets led by enormous frill skirts, she allowed women to feel free and powerful, dressed in a simple and practical way. Coco used to say that the fashion world was full of men who didn’t knew how to provide comfort in women’s outfits.  

The black crêpe dress with tight and long sleeves (known by ‘little black dress’) was another of her big inventions which made her famous and considered bold, after all, it was a never seen color in haute couture and usually related to grief. Actually, this dress was inspired in formal parties and grief moments, setting the modern woman style, ready to be a professional while looking feminine and elegant in any situation. 








In this time period, Coco Chanel met a lot of important artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Luchino Visconti and Greta Garbo. Her design models dressed personalities like Princess Grace Kelly, actresses as Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and Ingrid Bergman, the american First Lady Jackeline Kennedy, among others famous names in the world’s high society. In the peak of her carrier, during the 1930’s, she had four thousand employees and sold around 28.000 pieces in just one year. The secret of Chanel success was simple: she only draw clothing which she liked to wear. Her creations were drawn directly in the fabric and in the model’s body. The reason for this is that the clothes should adapt to the body and not the other way around.  


The cardigan, the black dress and the pearls became images that are associated with the Chanel brand, all over the fashion world. The new skirt size, showing the women ankles and feet, started to get along with comfortable round toe shoes. Pearls specially and jewelry in general won the pride place among accessories, the scarves rolled around classy necks and the haircuts became symmetric, straight, showing the nape – the eternal Chanel’s cut. 






But the Chanel world became so much more than this. It became the biggest fashion empire ever when started to sell perfumes, sun glasses, cosmetics, watches, shoes and much more.

 Accessible products for everyone without having to travel abroad, through the borderless marketplace of Hand2Hand!  

What are you waiting for? Download Hand2Hand  here and enjoy it. 





If you’re in Paris take the full advantage and make a profit on your travel! In Brazil and a little all over Europe there are plenty of women wanting Chanel’s products… cheaper!! Why not the legendary Chanel Nrº 5 perfum? 



‘’If you’re dressed poorly, they will look at your dress. If you are well dressed, they will notice the woman.’’ 


In Paris Fashion Week 2017, arrived the spring/summer tendencies of 2018.The chosen scenario by Chanel was unique! They built an artificial waterfall in Grand Palais (they called it an immortal landscape) with caves behind the falling water, from where the models came out. A fantastic travel to the nature. 




We leave you an interesting note: 

Did you knew that Coco Chanel’s power of influence in the fashion world was so big that the tendency of suntan in our bodies came out after a travel that she took in the Mediterranean? The stylist came back with a golden skin tone and all the women wanted to copy her. 


Good sales and awesome requests. ‘Till next time everyone, 


The Hand2Hand Team 

Packing to maximize your profit 

Packing to maximize your profit 

Hand2Hand offers a brand new way for travellers to profit from their travels. Get it here   and read on, to know how to maximize your profit! 

What kind of traveller are you? 

 Depends on the setting: will you be travelling in a cruise, from port to port? Are you hopping from plane to plane, following a digital nomad lifestyle ? Will you be having a road trip or hitchhike? 

 The thing is: remember the 1940’s films, where characters get aboard a DC-10 with an army of porters to lug their many bulky suitcases? You might have now noticed that is now left in the past. Every airline will charge from a reasonable fee up to an arm and a leg for each kilogram of luggage you add in, depending on volume, weight and the destination.  



Therefore, be smart – pack light. It’s a good idea to pack a single, semi-soft bag whose combined dimensions don’t exceed 152.4 cm (60 in). That’s the maximum size most airlines allow for carry-ons.  


Make a list – and always double-check.  


That would seem rather obvious but many people do seem to oversee this point. A good approach, in general, is to have multiple lists, depending on the purpose of your trip: one for two-day business trips, another one for week-long holidays and so on. This will help reduce your stress and will help you keep a method and enforcing it. 

 Surprise destination: no worries – just pick one of pre-defined lists and assemble everything. No need to waste decision power making hard choices. You’ve done that work already. 

 Also, review them often: experience will tell which items belong in the list and which don’t. 


Always remember the golden rule: double the money you think you’ll need and half the stuff you pack.

 The truth is: you don’t need all that stuff you’re bringing! 

 Usually, most of your bag is clothing, hygiene/toilette items and medicine. However, most of the places where you’ll be heading already provide most of the amenities you’ll need. There’s a prêt-a-porter (Zara, Springfield, H&M) now in every major city. 

Travel writer Rick Steves limits himself to one extra pair of pants, four shirts, several days’ worth of underwear and socks, a sweater, and either a light jacket or a warmer coat if the weather’s chilly at his destination. Even with extra items, such as his laptop, camera and toiletries included, his baggage won’t exceed a meager 9 kg. (source: Steves)

 Check the destination weather, beforehand. 



Again, don’t try to anticipate every possible situation. Choose light clothing, invest in basics. You can dress just fine with basics. Don’t try to bring lots of things, only to regret it later, when you acknowledge you’ve used the same 5-6 pieces all the time. Also, try to follow the rule “one in, one out”. If you buy some piece to replace another, don’t keep both, in general. Donate it or just discard it, if too damaged. 

Going to a chilly destination – wear multiple layers, which will trap air and conserve heat. Get a lightweight pair of long underwear made of silk or synthetic material. Worn under your clothes, they’ll keep you as warm as a heavy overcoat would. 

Add a lightweight sweater for insulation and a thin jacket or coat as an outer shell to keep out the rain, sleet or snow. 

Going to a warmer destination – remove layers accordingly. 

 Take some minutes to wash your clothes 

 If you can spare 10 minutes at the end of the day, you can reduce the number of items in your bag, by just washing your underwear, socks, shirt or trousers in your hotel room, while you shower or at a local laundry. Again, you can be fine and dandy just with basics and some comfortable black trail-running sneakers. Also, don’t forget to pack a pair of flip-flops. 

 Don’t try to self-medicate.  

 Get an international insurance to help you cope with possible health hazards you find on your way. Depending on the zone of the world where you are, it might be even more effective to just hop on a plane and find a quality private practice elsewhere. So, don’t pack medicine for every possible situation. Get some pain-killers, some aspirin and that’s pretty much it. 

 Get a comfortable bag 

 Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time carrying around your bag. Get one that features some nice shoulder pads and about 35-60 liters. Make sure you get a rain cover if you go to some tropical destination during monsoon times, for instance. 


 Get a lot of ziplocks! These are a godsend, really. Pack everything into these bags and you’ll see how well organized your things will be. Group related items, such as hygiene, laptop/phone cables and chargers, banking cards and money, medicine, etc. All in all, over time, you might start to feel like you can survive with very few items. Now you’ll make the most of the available space in your bag and profit even more! 

 Check the maximum number of products allowed in the border. 

 Do your due diligence, find out what can go through borders and how much of each product you can take. Remember always to do this check ahead of time so you can rest easy and have a great time on Hand2Hand. Here’s a good tool for you to check if/how much duty taxes you might need to take into account – 

Not concerned with space 

If you’re taking a cruise, you can relax a bit on the previous recommendations. Take a trolley bag and you’re done. Almost every cruise journey features, at least, 5-6 stopovers. Set your stopovers beforehand on the Travels screen (and corresponding dates) and get a listing of items requested for each port. The earlier you do this, the more likely you are to get a lot of results. Also, you can just snap a photo of interesting things you find along the way and post a sale offer. 


 If you’re travelling by road, then you’re in luck. Likely, you don’t have so much space constraints and you’ll be able to carry products a bit heavier. Hand2Hand works great from one region to another, inside countries. Be sure to insert your travel on the Travels screen of Hand2Hand app some time ahead and get your feet on the road!