This is the year of 2017 and Hand2Hand is going great!

Most might think that this is our first international event, but it’s not. We’ve attended the fantastic WEBIT, Sofia – Bulgaria, the beautiful Unbound, London – England. And now, we’ve been in the awesome Web Summit, Lisbon – Portugal.

As we told you all before, this idea began in February this year, when the two founders of Hand2Hand discover a gap in our world: traveling means spending money, people always want to have stuff that some of the times are too expensive in their country and other times is not available, or the payment method is not safe. Hand2Hand solves all these problems. We make every shopper happy with their buys and every travel profitable.

History Summit

The Web Summit company started a few years ago, in 2009, with the name Dublin Web Summit. It was founded by Paddy Cosgrave, Daire Hickey and David Kelly.

This event is the biggest in Europe and embrace several worldwide tech companies and start-ups, along with known CEOs, persons of global interest, investors from all over the world and attendees interested in making partnerships or just with an enormous curiosity of seeing what’s really new in this world.

Web Summit is also responsible for many global events of this area like Collision in New Orleans, RISE in Hong Kong, F.ounders in Dublin, MoneyConf in Madrid and SURGE in Bangalore.

Pre- Stand A606

This 9th edition felt like we were not only going to present our idea once again to the world, but also that we were really a part of this event, after all, we’re Portuguese and we were playing at home.

Over 60.000 people attended to the event and since day one, we just figured that it would be awesome.

The waiting lines were moving fast, along with our heart beats, and as soon as we got into the first pavilion everything came to surface:

Pitch – check

Elevator pitch – also check

Badges – yes, we have

Smile – yap

All good? – LET’S GO, DUDE!!!

We were only exhibiting our stand at the last day. Many can think it would be terrible. The thing is that, like this, we had space enough in the first days to grow our contacts, make some networking, establish great partnerships with other companies and startups and enjoy the event itself.

Those first days were crazy, a lot of exposure from us brought interviews in the social media, people that wanted to meet our team and also great opportunities to meet and talk to global investors interested in our work.

About those first days, Pedro Almeida, Co-Founder and CTO of Hand2Hand says, ‘’It was an intense experience. I had high expectations for the event as we had been planning carefully our actions beforehand. We knew who we wanted to reach out or meet personally.’’.

Stand A606

So, you already can figure that we inverted what most people think about the last day: we gathered contacts, investors, partners and attendees on every way we could and it worked. Everyone went to our stand on the last day of the event to meet us, to know more about Hand2Hand and to find what they can expect about this all new Borderless Marketplace.

But, if I might say, it was even better. Not only all those people showed up, but also a lot of others came to know our app. It was terrific to see all that interest, all those people walking and suddenly stop to snap a picture of our stand, our name, grab a flyer and a card and talk to us saying that we really solved a problem in their lives, that they now can buy products faster, safer and cheaper or profit with their travels by selling any item and delivering it in their next travel destination. Digital nomads, flight attendants, pilots, travelers, all kinds of people.

We also achieved great partnerships with great companies of hostels, hotels and travel agencies from all around the world. We’re growing so fast that is even hard to tell you all how much we’re happy.

Pedro Vilela, Co-Founder and CMO of Hand2Hand say about this day that “What surprised me the most was the enormous quantity of travelers that recognized how useful Hand2Hand is. It was a great proud for me, and for us, the congratz words we received and the amount of fans we gained through the all event.”.

If you were not able to attend Web Summit ’17, Lisbon, and you didn’t get to know us, let me say that you have a chance to do so here, on our website, where we show you our Team, what we do and who we are. Our website also explains to you how our app works and all the benefits you have in carrying us in your smartphone. Also, you can download the Hand2Hand free app here.

We can’t end this post without thanking to Web Summit for this amazing opportunity, our partners and future partners for their interest, investors and possible investors for their commitment when talking to us and, of course, all those people that were so enthusiastic about our app that really downloaded there, in our very own stand.

Thank you all so much. We’ll keep growing,

The Hand2Hand Team

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