After we wrote articles in our blog talking about fashion, packing, hostels, and so on, today we’ll talk about something very different
but which requires our maximum attention.
If you’re on Erasmus, if you’ll be on Erasmus or simply want to know more about this
amazing experience, this blog post is for you.
We all know that studying and embrace a life of achieving more knowledge for
yourself is the best way for you to get professional results and actually turn your life pretty well.
The Erasmus Program is a fantastic experience that blows your all life away. Usually, the far
you get from your home-culture, the best you’ll guarantee all the time spent in this adventure.

Erasmus – A Bit of History

The Erasmus Protocol, or Erasmus Program, was born in the year of 1987 and have as
main objective, until today, the support for college students, providing international mobility
between the Countries Members of the European Union and the associated countries. The idea
is to make possible for every student in the world to come across this borderless adventure, in
search for knowledge, experience and the opening of new horizons.


The name given to this educational protocol come from the Dutch Erasmus of
Rotterdam, the known dogmatic philosopher that studied and worked in several European
countries and which left all his fortune to the Basel’s University.
E.R.A.S.M.U.S also means European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of
University Students.

Erasmus – The Protocol that Revolutionized Europe

When picked this subject for this article, I had from the first moment the idea that was
so important to speak about the revolution that this program originated in all the college
students. The experiences that they don’t forget, the know-how they learn, the life they embrace,
the sacrifices they make, the parties that become memories forever on their minds. However, I
must admit, when I started to write this caption I came across with the impression that this idea,
as for itself, is not good enough and it wouldn’t bring justice to the deep changes we see, and
feel, in the European context.
The Erasmus Program, by fomenting the students growth (in every way), is making a
huge change in the socio-economic panorama lived in all European communities.



Truth is that these students take Home, or wherever they go in the future, different kinds of life and work
concepts – many times even better than the originals due to the time they have to reflect -, new
worries that they recognize as real problems and a maximized will to fix them by believing that
‘yes, it’s must be possible’.
We can easily say that, this way, there is an obvious multicultural exchange done by
young students who are willing to learn, to recognize, to globalize and to make this world a
better place.

Erasmus – The Reality Behind Fun



In addition to all the points we talked before about knowledge and study, we must also
say that fun is a part of this educational program. With a new country, or city, come new
adventures, new streets to discover, new people to talk to, new nights to explore, new days with
new suns. And its worth. It worth because that’s all part of the growing, as a person, of each
But not everything is just easy as going out at to bar and order the local drink all night.
Freedom is not always an easy thing to manage of to face. Therefore, allow me to present you
some points we find interesting to discuss about this matter:

1.Picking the Erasmus location – you all can understand that this would be
something easy to decide, but if we analyze this closely, it gets tricky. There are so
many European cities and on the top of them we can find some like Lisbon, Porto,
Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Oxford, London, Warsaw, among others.
So, please, pick one choosing by the prestige, employability, sun, beer, etc.;

2.Take care of the paper work – is not as hard as it might sounds. It could be a lot
of papers to deal with, depending on the level of bureaucracy involved, but actually
the majority of it is based on the ‘copy-paste’ concept;

3.Find a place to stay – depending on the countries where you’re moving to, the
real task to find a place to call ‘home’ can be quite hard, especially when you don’t know the country or the main language.  However, I advise you to talk to your ‘future’ college. They always
have a proper department to support all the Erasmus students, which
can tell you what and where to look for, making this task easier for

4.Meeting your new home – an essential point. Get the weather information,
know what is the local language and how works the public transportations service.
After that, you can go meet your house (and maybe your roommates) and it’s time for
you to start learning your way to college, what is the nearest hospital, supermarkets
and groceries stores for food and basic products (and bars with cheap drinks, good
parties, the best music,…….). And if you’re thinking to come to Lisbon, don’t forget
to taste our very own famous cocktail, the Hand2Hand.

Got everything? Great!! Now, get the free download of the Hand2Hand app here
because things are going to get real and you can profit with your travel. Assuring some extra
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5.Planning your flight – now you know the day when your classes begin, now you
know when you must do the check-in at your place. It’s time to think to schedule your
flight with some time in advance. Make sure you don’t have any late time surprises
and take the best prices you can. Before packing, make sure you leave some empty
space and remember to snap a picture of some local products of your own country and
post them on Hand2Hand. When you arrive at your destination, you just have to
deliver it and receive your payment right away.

6.Planning your budget – while planning your budget, I must tell you, you’ll
never get the right number. Therefore, make an estimate based on this: you’ll need
money for the public transportations, your staying, your everyday basis (like hygiene,
food and parties), money to visit the city and maybe some extra to take a mini course
of the local language, if you’re interested!! To help in your budget, again, Hand2Hand is here: with the money you already received in your travel, you can certainly count on
some extra help. Remember that the more sales you do on the Hand2Hand app, the
more you profit without doing anything and more things you’ll be able to do while on
this adventure.



Don’t forget that while on vacations or by coming Home definitely, you can always
take some ‘souvenirs’ to sell, of course. All you have to do is snap a picture of any product you
find, add a small description, introducing your price and wait a moment ‘till someone accepts
you offer.
As you see, Hand2Hand can be very handy in every situation, even if you’re an
Erasmus student. Don’t forget that the Hand2Hand app is free, make you profit, that the
possibilities are infinite and that you can download it right here.

Have a good travel, study well and have fun!!
The Hand2Hand Team

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