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 The Chanel brand is maybe one of the top 5 biggest brands in the world that most of us admire. It is an undoubtfully icon of fashion. Timeless, elegant and comfortable are just a few adjectives that are connected to this brand. Let’s go shopping? 

 Considered one of the greatest forces of the feminist movement since the beginning of the 20th century, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel was the responsible for the greatest changes in the feminine dressing code all over the world.  




Who Was Mademoiselle Coco Chanel? 


Let’s do a trip… She was born in the interior of France, in a little village called Saumur, in 19th August 1883. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel got orphan of her mother (who was a seamstress) at thirteen years old. Her father, Albert Chanel, sent her to the city’s orphanage in Auvergne, where she stayed until the end of her teenage years. However, the humble and simple life of the interior didn’t matched with the wishes of Coco Chanel. She worked as a cashier in a fabric store (where she learned how to be a seamstress, like her mother), she even worked in a cabaret called Café Beuglant de La Rotonde, where she sung the music ‘Qui qu’a vu Coco dans le Trocadero?’ (where she got her name Coco).  The French stylist, who became a symbol of revolution and so important in the women posture in the social scenario, acquiring elegance and simplicity as a survival way of life. With an impulsive tendency to lie (she suffered of mitomycin), she never admitted her poor roots. 






Her relationship with a billionaire cavalry officer, Etienne Balsan, took her to Paris and placed her in the French capital high society. But was with the help of the english Arthur Capel (which a lot of people say he was the stylist greatest love) that she opened her first store in 1909, the Chanel House, in a bottom floor of a building in Paris, where she started to sell women’s hats and accessories.  




The simple style, without great ornaments of flowers, enchanted the parisian women of the high burgess. Who was that woman who dared to present simple outfits with a design between men clothes and women dresses? From that moment forward, Coco Chanel decided to embrace the haute couture. Arthur saw in Coco the image of a future business woman and, in the year of 1910, decided to help her to get a fantastic and prestigious real estate in the 21 Rue Cambon. 



” There are no ugly women, just women poorly cared.”


This was the main motto of Coco Chanel. She set the women free from the suffocating stripes and corsets led by enormous frill skirts, she allowed women to feel free and powerful, dressed in a simple and practical way. Coco used to say that the fashion world was full of men who didn’t knew how to provide comfort in women’s outfits.  

The black crêpe dress with tight and long sleeves (known by ‘little black dress’) was another of her big inventions which made her famous and considered bold, after all, it was a never seen color in haute couture and usually related to grief. Actually, this dress was inspired in formal parties and grief moments, setting the modern woman style, ready to be a professional while looking feminine and elegant in any situation. 








In this time period, Coco Chanel met a lot of important artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Luchino Visconti and Greta Garbo. Her design models dressed personalities like Princess Grace Kelly, actresses as Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and Ingrid Bergman, the american First Lady Jackeline Kennedy, among others famous names in the world’s high society. In the peak of her carrier, during the 1930’s, she had four thousand employees and sold around 28.000 pieces in just one year. The secret of Chanel success was simple: she only draw clothing which she liked to wear. Her creations were drawn directly in the fabric and in the model’s body. The reason for this is that the clothes should adapt to the body and not the other way around.  


The cardigan, the black dress and the pearls became images that are associated with the Chanel brand, all over the fashion world. The new skirt size, showing the women ankles and feet, started to get along with comfortable round toe shoes. Pearls specially and jewelry in general won the pride place among accessories, the scarves rolled around classy necks and the haircuts became symmetric, straight, showing the nape – the eternal Chanel’s cut. 






But the Chanel world became so much more than this. It became the biggest fashion empire ever when started to sell perfumes, sun glasses, cosmetics, watches, shoes and much more.

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‘’If you’re dressed poorly, they will look at your dress. If you are well dressed, they will notice the woman.’’ 


In Paris Fashion Week 2017, arrived the spring/summer tendencies of 2018.The chosen scenario by Chanel was unique! They built an artificial waterfall in Grand Palais (they called it an immortal landscape) with caves behind the falling water, from where the models came out. A fantastic travel to the nature. 




We leave you an interesting note: 

Did you knew that Coco Chanel’s power of influence in the fashion world was so big that the tendency of suntan in our bodies came out after a travel that she took in the Mediterranean? The stylist came back with a golden skin tone and all the women wanted to copy her. 


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