Hello fellow travelers, it’s time for your weekly dose of tips to profit with your travel.  

Today we are discussing another great way for you to make extra revenue with your trip. And have you ever thought about using hand2hand while on board a beautiful cruise ship? 



Cruises are actually another great way to either answer to product requests from our members or to put products up for sale. 

Picture this, while on board a cruise ship you typically are going from port to port, where there are many products that you can actually only find locally. On a week, you can go to as many as 5 or 6 different ports, allowing you to make quite a collection of products that you can sell when you get back home. 

 The Best way to use hand2hand on a cruise ship 

 Well the best way for you to use hand2hand on a cruise ship is of course to plan ahead. 

When you first arrive on your ship, grab the plan for the whole trip and check hand2hand if there are any requests for specific products from those locations. 



Quick note, if you haven’t download hand2hand you can do it  HERE.

If there are requests for products of those locations you should start by bidding ahead on the price and time for the delivery. This way you can make sure another member accepted your bid and when you arrive to the port you already know what should look for. 

Another great tip is to ask the cruise staff for what typically are the products you can find on all the ports you are visiting.  

Cruise staff spend a lot of their time hoping from port to port and are the ones that have the best knowledge of the best stores to get the best prices and also what are the must have products of that said port. 

This allows you to also plan ahead what are the products you should definitely be looking for when you arrive at a Port, and also raising your possibilities of selling that product. 



Do have in to account that time at the ports is limited and you should know beforehand what is the time your cruise leaves, after all you don’t want to be left behind. 

From our experience cruising, we recommend you either ask the staff at the cruise or the guides (if you are going on an excursion), on which are the closest stores to make the most of your time. 

Also check with the cruise staff what are the allowed quantities of each type of product you can bring back with you. We do know the quantities of each product are higher that the one’s you can carry with you on a plane, however you should just check with them just to make sure. 

 How to earn the extra profit  

If you remember a while back we did an entire blog entry about haggling which you can read HERE.

Check if in the port area you are travelling to, it is customary to haggle.  

This allows you to run an extra profit if you are bringing requested products or allows you to sell a product much lower than it would normally be, increasing the chances of someone back home actually wanting it. 

Another great way to maximize your profit is if the port is a free tax zone, such as the Canary Islands, this allows to buy products with no taxes attached to it and also flip a pretty profit. 

Another great way to maximize your profit is if you happen to travel to a distant port. There are some exclusive products in these locations that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, not even online! 



So, the more exclusive and distant that item is from anyone, the better it is for you and also the more profit you can flip to your side. 

 The Day at Sea 

From our experience, there is always one day at sea you spend aboard your cruise ship per week, beside relaxing and contemplating the open ocean, you can also use this day to check your app and see if any other requests came up. 

Also, the extra time will allow you to make further research in to what are the next must have products available at the ports you are visiting next, and of course increasing your chances of actually selling them. 

What to do after your cruise 

Ok so you sold a few products, and also won the bid for a couple of product requests. What now? 

Well that’s simple, each time someone buys a product from you or accepts your bid for a product request, you type a date and place to make the delivery. Also, a chat pops up, allowing you to reschedule with the person you are dealing with in case you got delayed on your way back home or something came up. 

Well I hope you enjoyed our tips about cruising and using hand2hand. As you just saw cruising is actually a great way to profit with your travel. 

Being for the different locations with exotic local products you are travelling to, tax free zones or where haggle is a must. 

We hope you have fun cruising your way to profit. 

Stay awesome! 


The hand2hand Team  

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