At hand2hand we don’t want our users to travel on an empty stomach. And that’s why we came up with this awesome list of delicious dishes you have to try around the world. So, let’s begin our countdown! 


10- Pad Thai Noodles in Bangkok, Thailand  





ok so this is a personal favorite of me and my wife. When we traveled to Thailand a few years back we couldn’t get enough of this delicacy. 

Pad Thai Noodles is a tasty option for any traveler. No matter where you are eating this is definitely a go go! We had tried it everywhere from street sellers to luxury restaurants on the Phi Phi Island. And you know what? It always tasted great. 

Pad Thai are rice noodles typically served with shrimps, bean sprouts, sliced green onions, all mixed with galangal root topped with roasted peanuts, tamarind and fish sauce. 

Simple, fresh and will have you come back for more and more.  

There are other versions of this dish containing chicken instead of shrimp, but alas all are amazing! 

You can try and do this dish at home, however there are certain ingredients such as galangal that you will have a hard time finding back at home. So, we recommend you download hand2hand here: INSERT LINK and request a traveler to bring it back from Thailand.  


9- Peking Duck in Hong Kong, China 


Ah Hong Kong, the city of a thousand smells, a fusion of the old meets the new. Yet there are some dished that no matter how much time passes are simply a must try. 

We know you probably stumbled on this dish on some Chinese restaurant back home, but trust us, the amazing Pekin duck cooked in this city is difficult to beat anywhere else. 

The golden, crunchy skin with dripping sauce on the duck is the indication that you struck gold! 






Look for the small shops that have them turning on sticks in their barbecues, grab a seat and order some Huangjiu! 

You will be amazed with the way the skin peals easily from the breast of the duck. Order some Chinese rice and ask for a full duck, which they typically will bring it to the table, and slice it in front of you. 

An amazing dish to share with the one’s you love on that one of a kind trip! 


8 – Ramen Noodles in Tokyo, Japan  


Ok if you happen to be on Japan and what to try one of their most famous dishes you have to try Ramen! 

Ramen is essentially noodles with egg and pork meat dipped in a comfort fish based broth, with green onions and dried seaweed. 

This is typically a dish that you eat if you are on a hurry or travelling to somewhere else. 





All around Tokyo are this small Ramen places, where you can grab a seat at the counter, order a boll of Ramen and get it served really quick. 

There are even places with vending machines, where you first choose the dish you want, pay, and then grab a seat. Ramen will be in front of you in about 5-10 minutes! 


7 – Arroz de Marisco in Lisbon, Portugal 





Ok, this is another favorite of ours. Portugal is well known for it’s amazing cuisine, fresh fish and tasty sea food. Well “Arroz de Marisco” translates to Seafood rice basically. 

It typically contains clams, mussels, lobster and shrimps. 

The rice is served with a lot of sauce and is cooked so that the rice is a bit “al dente”. 

Some places use some spice in the sauce which elevates the flavor of the overall concoction. 

A must try if you are a real lover of seafood yourself! 


6- Paella in Canary Islands, Spain 


By now you must have realized we are real lovers of rice! Yes, the internationally known Paella is our next dish that you have to try! 

It is cooked on a large open fryer with saffron rice, shrimps, green peppers, squid, chicken and cow meat.  




Do make sure you have a lot of time as this dish usually takes an hour to cook from the moment you order.  

Also have in to account this is a dish typically for more than 2 people.  

Better accompanied by a nice glass of Sangria. 


5 – Pork Ribs in Texas, USA 





Texas is probably one of the meat capitals of the world. Being the biggest producer of meat products in the USA. 

Slowly cooked pork ribs with sweet barbecue sauce on top, with a side of spicy French fries and coleslaw salad is the way to go when you head to Texas with an empty stomach. 

Just to keep things top, do had a nice glass of fresh beer from the tap! 


4 – Bouillabaisse in Marseille, France 


Traditionally a dish eaten by the poor, nowadays it is a delicacy with high demand. 

Bouillabaisse consists of typically red rascasse, sea robin and European conger, it can also include monk fish and spider crab. And in some more expensive cases sea urchins and also langoustines. Everything is slow cooked in a pot with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and leeks. 




Next time you are on France, do try this you won’t regret it! 


3- Picanha in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 





If you are a meat lover, you can’t go wrong with this one! 

Picanha is a very thin sliced meat, that comes from cow’s rump cover or rump camp (the top part above the head of the cow). 

Served with white rice, black beans, crushed tapioca and salad. 

Picanha just melts in your mouth! 


2- Pizza in Naples, Italy 




Naples is the Pizza capital of the world, so you should definitely try it once in your life time. 

This pizza is not the one you are accustomed to back home. Its form is typically irregular, topped with delicious goodies and all kinds of Italian cheese that will leave your mouth watering just by smelling it on its way to your table. 


 1- Cozido à Portuguesa in Porto, Portugal 





Ok this is one of the best dished if not the best in the world.  

With meat cooked with cabbages, onions, carrots. Potatoes, blood sausages and beans. 

Served with rice cooked with the water from the Cozido’s broth. 

This is a dish that you want to have an army eating with you and have plenty of time. 

Oh, and better plan a long walk after it!  

It is a heavy dish and best eaten in the winter, however we promise besides making feel you full with will also make you feel warm and fuzzy in the inside! 


I hope you liked our list of best dishes around the world. Do keep following us on Twitter and like our Facebook page

And never go travelling on an empty stomach. 

And if you want to cook some of these dishes yourself remember you can request local ingredients in our App which you can download here


We hope you have an awesome day travelling and discovering this amazing world or ours. 

The hand2hand Team! 

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