Wine, World and Hand2Hand

Wine, World and Hand2Hand

Today we could talk about vodka, but we won’t. Everyone knows that we probably would need an all-night to talk about it.
So let’s talk about wine. Today we’ll give you information which you might not know and show you some thoughts when it comes to get together wine and Hand2Hand.
All of you, by now, know Hand2Hand and there for can imagine where this will lead. But we invite you, dear consumers, travelers and adventurers, to stay with us and learn more in order to get the knowledge of what products you must look for.

Go For a Glass of Wine History
To begin, we’d like to give you some lights on what this world’s antique renowned drink is.
Wine, along with mead, is probably one of the oldest drinks in the world and definitely the most appreciated. It’s been a part of the world’s commercial and cultural evolution since always and we can see its representation on several art pieces and read about it in historical documents.
In fact, if we go back more than a couple of thousand years ago, we can find that the Greeks and the Romans even had their own gods for it – Dionysus and Bacchus, respectively. We also know that wine have a religious connection even nowadays – in the Catholic Church for instance, representing the Blood of Christ.
But was the Roman Empire who took the most important step in producing and commercialize wine. When they invaded Gaul (today, France) they conquered a region called Bordeaux, a land rich for its wine. Soon they learned that they could spread vineyards all across other regions. And so it began. Wine started to exist all over the Empire and several times as trade coin. Actually, some say that wine was how the Romans took the Nordics down on negotiations for Europe.
Since this time, every single continent in the world produces its own wine with its own taste, color, texture and smell. Also, a lot of wine has been drunk and a lot of history has been written.

Bottles Up: The World’s Most Exporting Countries
According to the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (International Organization for Vineyards and Wine), the global sales from wine exports made by countries amounted US$32,4 billion last year and set an increase by 1.7%, from 2015 to 2016.
From each producer continent, the one that stood up the most was Europe, worth 69.5% of the exported wine sales. Oceania, led by Australia and New Zealand, was followed by the Caribbean and Latin America exporters (with the exception of Mexico). Asia came before North America and Africa was the last in the list.
Overall, this were the 10 countries that exported the highest dollar value in wine, in 2016:
1. France (US$ 9.1 billion)
2. Italy (US$ 6.2 billion)
3. Spain (US$ 3 billion)
4. Chile (US$ 1.9 billion)
5. Australia (US$ 1.7 billion)
6. United States (US$ 1.6 billion)
7. New Zealand (US$ 1.1 billion)
8. Germany (US$ 1 billion)
9. Argentina (US$ 816.8 million)
10. Portugal (US$ 804.5 million)

Bottles Up: The World’s Most Importing Countries
The value of wine imports, presented by WTEx (World’s Top Exports),was totaled by US$32.9 billion, in 2016.
Again, Europe won on the imported wine with 48,8% of global total. The North Americans were in second, with 23,8%, while Asia was in third, with 21,5%. Although we have to say that the fastest-growing markets for wine since 2012 were China, Hong Kong, United States and France.
We now present you the Top 10 countries that imported the highest dollar value in 2016:
1. United States (US$ 5.8 billion)
2. United Kingdom (US$ 4.1 billion)
3. Germany (US$ 2.7 billion)
4. China (US$ 2.4 billion)
5. Canada (US$ 1.8 billion)
6. Hong Kong (US$ 1.6 billion)
7. Japan (US$ 1.5 billion)
8. Switzerland (US$ 1.1 billion)
9. Netherlands (US$ 1 billion)
10. Belgium (US$ 998.9 million)

A Bottom Up for Curiosities:
. Well, do you know which in the number of land areas under vines in Europe? According to a study made in April 2017, Spain covered a total area of 975 kha, while France, Italy, Portugal and Romania came after respectively. Outside Europe, China comes in first place with an impressive number of 847kha, followed by Turkey, United States, Argentina and Chile.
. Do you know that everyone loves wine? With that same study we can show you that, in the year 2000, the world consumed near 225mhl. But that number had (and has) a tendency to increase. In 2016 people consumed more than 242mhl worldwide.
. Did you ever wondered which countries were the greatest producers of wine? Well, we’ll tell it for you: the first place belongs to Italy, next we have France, in third we have Spain followed by the United States and then Australia.
. And also, if you are a traveler, we can tell you where you should mostly put up for sell the bottles of wine for this Christmas, since the top consumers of wine are the United States, France, Italy, Germany, China and United Kingdom.

So, now that we showed you some cool stories and information, it’s time for you to start doing some math and we’ll help you in less than 10 steps. Wait. You don’t believe it’s possible?
Let’s go then:
1. Download our app Hand2Hand;
2. Register
3. Associate your PayPal – to access the secure payment;
4. Choose any bottle of wine you want from all over the world;
5. Wait a few time until someone agrees to get it for you;
6. Receive the bottle and pay to the traveler;
7. Invite friends for dinner;
8. And put a big smile on your face with that special bottle of wine.

In Hand2Hand we like to show you the fantastic opportunities you have by using our app. They are plenty and we don’t even need to make an effort to think what to show you next. Actually, everything is so easy and smooth… Like a nice glass of wine, at home this Christmas. We all love it!
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Hope you all liked our blog post for today.

Stay awesome,

The Hand2Hand Team