Digital Nomad Lifestyle meets Hand2Hand

Digital Nomad Lifestyle meets Hand2Hand

Digital Nomads & Hand2Hand

What’s this “Digital Nomad” thing?

For many, the Internet is an opportunity to combine work and travelling the world. Though there are lots of different types, a common trait of digital nomads is that they spend at least a few months of the year abroad, changing destinations frequently (from every few weeks to up to 6 months) and earning a living while working remotely.

Often used interchangeably, “digital nomad” and “location independent” are, however, not one and the same thing. Truth is, not every digital nomad is able to afford living and working anywhere in the world.

Made popular by authors such as Tim Ferriss (“The 4-hour work week”) and others, it has been trending in the last few years, with an ecosystems starting to flourish around it – from work hubs to startup retreats, not to mention the numerous communities born so far (such as

What skills do I need to have?

At first, you might think you have no chance of joining this group of professionals working remotely, as your line of work isn’t exactly fit for the digital nomad. Then you might need to refocus/retrain on another field but if you work in engineering, legal sector, marketing – among others –  it’s pretty easy to go remote/distributed. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if this trade-off is worth it, when deciding to become a digital nomad.

Is it for everyone?

Probably not. Working remotely fits best with people with a more pro-active profile and quite autonomous.

Coordinating yourself with a client thousands of kilometers away is not trivial, even more so if native languages and cultures are different.

Communication is key, so if you are a hermit you can forget about it. You need to assert yourself to keep track of time and requirements, so you don’t end up burning out.

Working as a freelancer, you also need to take care of everything by yourself, from marketing to accounting. It’s may get exhausting, hence it’s best if you manage to build a reputation first and get people to come to you for projects, instead of the other way round.


  1. Escape the Winter

This point will definitely resonate with Northern Europeans. Long, cold winters with scarce sunlight and depressing moods can be avoided altogether by just moving to the other hemisphere throughout the winter months. You can, for sure, never get to see a chilling day ever again in your life and get almost 365 days a year of sunny weather. Granted, this will have a huge influence in your mood.

Save money

When you no longer have to worry about affording a rent, paying for utilities or commuting, suddenly a large chunk of your income can now be saved. Taking advantage from living in a country with a lower cost of life, you can leverage that difference and get more bang for your buck – from meals to lodging and other services. Why spend money on a washing machine if you only use it once a week, right? That also gets to stay in your pocket.

From many nomads’ experience, in many countries (namely, SE Asia), $1000 will get you a long way.

Do things you love

Why wait until you retire to do the things you’d like to do when you were younger. Being a digital nomad allows you to better manage your free time and just take a chance to do things you’d hardly do in your home town.

Embrace minimalism

A consequence of adopting this nomad lifestyle is reducing your luggage over time. You start realizing what is indeed useful and what is a burden on your shoulders (literally). Eventually, you reduce all your belongings to a backpack (and, possibly, a few boxes archived at someone’s storage, at home). It’s not really about not owning stuff, but rather about not becoming attached to it. You appreciate things for what they are.

Boost your creativity

Sometimes, changing your work environment can do wonders to get those creative juices flowing, just by stimulating your senses with colours, sounds and textures. Also, seeing first-hand how people in other countries cope with various situations will inspire you with new business ideas.

Make new friends

Introverts might struggle with this but, at some point, you’ll flick a switch and find out that you’ll need to mingle with others who you meet during your travels. No one’s an island and the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be.

Discover new cultures

Trying to learn a new language at home will only take that far. Trying to learn it from locals, driven by need, will take you much farther. Seeing how people in other countries appreciate all facets of life will carve a dent on you, for sure. You’ll likely re-evaluate many things you considered a given.

Work less/smarter

The 9-5 paradigm is often a drain on the body and mind and a bad fit for many jobs. According to many studies, after 6 hours of work, your productivity drops sharply. So, you find yourself clicking through browser tabs and drifting away, for example. When you have the power to define your work methods, you might find that working less hours is not only possible but also more effective.

A trend also rising recently (and explained in Tim Ferriss’s book mentioned above) is outsourcing a lot of work to so-called virtual assistants. Even you don’t go this route, you can indeed delegate tasks to other people and focus on selling a product. Platforms such as and Upwork provide a way to reach out to freelancers worldwide – for a whole range of skills –  and build up a team.


You’ll want to settle down

Though you might think you could go on traveling for the rest of your days, it’s likely that a day will come where you’ll need to set up a home base, either on your country of origin or elsewhere. If you don’t get the machine rolling (either by establishing yourself as a reputed professional or by getting your own online business), you might get a hard time re-adapting. But then again, this too shall pass.

If your goal is just to travel, don’t go all-in

Working and traveling at the same time might be great if it fits your profile, otherwise it may be a somewhat stressful experience. If your main reason to want to become a digital nomad is to travel, maybe you’d be better off just taking your backpack and traveling for a year, living off savings or odd-jobs here and there than to dive straight into the digital nomad ecosystem.

How can I start?

  1. Organize your “exit strategy”. Plan how you intend to cover your expenses while traveling and make sure you have somewhat of a emergency fund.
  2. Get in touch with fellow nomads and show up at events! Network! In order to be successful, you really need to market yourself in an appropriate way! Don’t underestimate the human factor. Meetup is great for this.
  3. Create an online presence (Twitter, Linkedin, your own website) and, if applicable, a portfolio (Dribbble, if you’re into design; GitHub, if you’re into software development).
  4. Get a blog and share tidbits of your knowledge with other people. Build a reputation.
  5. Sign up on platforms such as, Upwork and many others.
  6. If possible, create a co-op with other fellow nomads who might complement each other’s skills. Divide weaknesses, multiply strengths.
  7. Above all, take action.

Think you got no skills? Don’t worry – try Hand2Hand!

Hand2Hand brings another way for digital nomads to set up shop and get another easy revenue source. One can take advantage of local products and gauge demand for them in Hand2Hand’s marketplace by submitting a sale offer. Then, use the immense power of haggling (Haggle your way to profit) to increase your margin. Or one can just take the lazy approach and bid for a specific product requested on one of your destinations.

Just pick it up somewhere and bring it with you. But first make sure you can cross the border with it!

Download the app (Hand2Hand) and spruce up your profile. Next, insert your next travels. Now, you’ll be able to check requests for your next destinations. What are you waiting for? It was never this easy to travel and profit at the same time!

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Haggle your way to profit

Haggle your way to profit

Ok, so by now should at least have a feel for what the Hand2Hand App is all about.

For the ones that still have not had the chance to check it out do go here: Hand2Hand. Download our App today and get yourself onboard the Global Hand2Hand Borderless Marketplace!

Ok so the question that should be rising on your mind is:  why are we discussing haggling today?

Well hand2hand allows you not only to request products from around the world, it also allows you to snap a picture of any product you find on your travels and put it for sale instantly.

So, the principle is you are in this foreign market and you can simply take a picture, input a short description, designate a date where it will be possible for you to make the delivery. And Voilá you are set.

We do recommend doing this in the first days of your trip/vacation so you can have time to go back to that special place and get that one of a kind product you can only find locally.

A couple of days and someone should be interested in buying your product. They confirm the payment and will be upholded until you meet the person and complete the delivery yourself.

And this is where haggle comes in!

As soon as someone click the buy button you know the payment is coming through. Time to get those haggling skills out of your pocket and start making a bigger profit of your product sale.

The origins of Haggling:

 Haggling has been present in most commercial transactions since the dawn ot time.

From the time where good where exchanged directly for other products, for salt or even latter with the coin system being implemented. Haggling was always present!

Actually, haggling is still today considered an essential part of the culture of several countries around the world.

Asian Countries like Thailand and Indonesia, Latin American countries like the Dominican Republic, African countries and Arab countries expect that you haggle for the marked or asked price of a product.

It is expected that you have in to account that the initial price is much higher than the price you are supposed to pay in the end.

In some countries like Thailand not haggling is even considered and offence to the local merchant as it is part of the sale process.

Normally you go to a shop either ask you see the marked price of a product swipe your card on take out a few bills, and get the product.

Well haggling is not that straightforward and it actually is a much more selling experience.

The thrill of getting a product for a 1/10 of the initial asked price get your blood pumping and makes you feel good about yourself.

Also, the seller is completely fine with this procedure and of course you should investigate if its customary to haggle prices in the country you are travelling to.

But let me shed a few tips on the whole haggling procedure.

The Haggling procedure:

Haggling is not a science, it has no strict rules but should be guided by some common sense.

It is customary for the Haggling to start by asking the price of a product.

You should then wave your head in discordance with the price and wait a little for the seller to either give you a lower asking price or simply, or expect him to ask you for how much would you buy the product for.

From my previous experiences the goal is always to offer less than half the initial asked price. This will allow you to enter the haggling process and start bidding and hearing counter biddings until you both come to an agreement and kind of meet in the middle.

The different tactics of Haggling:

Ok so haggling is not a science but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few hackings to make you stretch your profit. Let me share a few with you.

The “I’m not interested approach”:

This technique is really simple. You just walk to the person ask the price, and as soon as they tell you the price you simply say “I’m not interested” and slowly walk away in the direction of another shop.

The seller knows he hasn’t much time until you fall on the claws of another seller that will try to sell whatever he has there. So he will most likely talk about a price 1/3 of the initial asked price, or let you lower the price yourself.

The “He is the man he knows”:

Ok I know this may seem like a macho approach, but actually is quite effective if you are traveling with your partner.

In several countries the man is still seen as the one that has the obligation to take care of negotiations, and haggling is one of those negotiations.

So the key here is to have your female partner to go ahead as look at the product you both want. She lets the seller do the initial conversation, give her a price and even let him give her a counter offer. That’s when you step in and she starts speaking with you in your own language. You make a sign that it’s too expensive and that she already bought a similar item for example. What we are making here is the seller to feel that he either lowers the price so that the man can make the woman happy or the sale is gone.

The “I bought that in my country much cheaper”

Last but not least this is a classic. By referring that you can actually get a for example a Buddha price for a much lower price back in your country will allow you to take the seller off guard and allow for you the reach a better price for that statue.

So, as you see if you plan out the products you want to sell in the begging of your vacation or travel, and work on your Haggle, that you can flip a profit that will allow you to make some good extra cash for when you get back home!

I hope this guide in to haggling was useful to you.

Hand2Hand is available now on iOS do download our app here: Hand2Hand

Stay Awesome,

The Hand2Hand Team


The Hand2Hand Global Marketplace

The Hand2Hand Global Marketplace

Hello from Hand2Hand, you awesome you!

Today marks the culmination of many months of hard work.

From the time, we met on a coffee shop here in Lisbon with an idea in a scratched paper to the launch of our App. It’s hard to believe only 8 months have passed since we embarked on this epic journey, and that we made Hand2Hand a reality.

And yes, we did it! We are truly excited to share with you the #hand2hand Global Borderless Marketplace available to download now on the App Store: Hand2Hand

But let me tell you all about the wonderful things that Hand2Hand enables you to do as both a traveler and as a consumer.

Requesting a product through Hand2Hand

Hand2hand lets you request any product that you might possibly want, from all the corners of the earth.Is it a cool gadget, fine cigars, perfumes, clothing, fashion accessories, traditional masks, smartphones, you name it!

You just have to upload a picture of your desired travel goods, input a short description, time for the delivery and base price.

After that travelers from all around the world can start bidding on your base price for both dollars and time of the delivery.

You as a consumer can choose whatever suits you best. It might make sense to pay 100$ for that amazing bottle of Wine if I get in 2 days in time of my Saturday dinner. But, again I might not mind the time and pay 70$ to get it here next week.

After you have chosen the traveler that meets your needs, you make a secure payment via PayPal. The total amount will be upholded, until you meet the traveler and make sure the product is in good condition.

You can then unlock the payment to the traveler and be on your both ways with another successful transaction executed.

Oh, and do leave each other a review, it will be important for future sales 😉

We do advise both travelers and consumers to meet in public places in normal hours.

Selling a product through Hand2Hand


Ah but let’s say I’m a traveler and I stumble on my trip, on that awesome product that I would like to sell?

Easy one, Hand2Hand allows you to take out your phone, snap a picture of that lovely Buddha statue and put it up for sale instantly to the place you are flying back to.

So, when I arrive home I can meet the buyer, let him have a look at the condition of the product and unlock the payment on the spot.

One quick tip, when traveling to some countries it is possible to Haggle prices. We do recommend you check the country traditions and if it is possible to Haggle price there.

All you have to do is snap a picture of a product you think it could sell in the beginning of your trip. After a couple of days, you should have an offer, then it’s up to you to put on your best smile and haggle your way to great profit!

We will cover this topic on a future blog post in the coming weeks.

 The Global Borderless Marketplace


Hand2hand is the marketplace that allows you to:

  • Request any product in the world;
  • Receive bids of price and time of delivery;
  • Make a secure payment;
  • Secure payment only unlocked when you confirm the delivery from the traveler;
  • Allows travelers to snap a picture of any product they find on their travelers and put it up for sale instantly;
  • With Chats you can always be in touch with your traveler.

If you have the need to change your delivery or have any doubt about a product just drop a message to the other user with our Chats feature. So, will you be a specialized traveler with a category or top product that you know you can flip for a great revenue stream?

Or are you perhaps seeking that one of a kind product, bargain, innovative solution, or local product you simply can’t get where you live

Or are you simply stressing for having to wait a month for a product that could be here in a week or less!

The double-sided marketplace approach of Hand2Hand allows consumer to buy securely, travelers to sell freely, and all with the necessary security that enables both parties to be and feel safe.

In all cases, don’t forget to download our iOS App if you haven’t already: Hand2Hand

We promise we are working hard to bring Hand2Hand to Android and we can just say 2018 is going to be a great early year!

Do keep following our Blog, and very soon we will be launching our Newsletter which you will have access If you register in our App, and we promise it will be loaded with cool content!

And last but not least, we want to say to all the people that have been helping us turn our dream in to reality we thank you deeply and know the future ahead is bright!

Anyway, if you manage to go through all the text, we do have to thank you for your interest. We do promise that there will be regular updates rolling the next weeks and months.

Stay awesome and have a blast profiting with your travels, or buying the world to you!

The Hand2Hand team