7 must pack items for your travels

7 must pack items for your travels

We have been asking around what are the 7 essential items that  you should always take with you on your travels.

And here they are:

1- Smartphone

This one is kinda obvious. We all take our smartphones with us everywhere we go nowadays. You can use your phone to find about the best restaurants around you, book an hotel on the go, take some photos to remember your vacations. Oh and let´s not forget that very soon you will even be able to snap a photo of a product you come about and sell it right away. Also you will be able to receive notification from consumers back home that want you to bring them some products. That´s right we consider bring to me will be an essential app to be installed on your iOS your Android device when you go on your travels and want to profit with them.

2- Power Bank

The good old power bank. Yup we know it´s a must for all the Pokemon Go players out there. It´s also good if you go on a photo spree or you are using Google Maps to find your way on a big city. There are models that also double as flashlight, excellent to pack with you on a mountain escapade or if you want to camp in the big outdoors.

3- Camera

We know we know. You have a nice flagship smartphone that can take some kick ass photos. But come on lets admit it, nothing tops a true camera. Imagine you made to the top of a mountain, or you are in this deserted beach and the perfect moment for that amazing one shot arises. Do you really want to land that one of a kind photo with anything else than one of these babies?

4- Laptop

For many of you taking a laptop on your travels is not needed, after all we have smartphones and tablets to do all the basic stuff and tell the ones back at home that we are still alive. But for the rest of the digital nomads, frequent business flyers or entrepreneurs, a laptop is a must have. We are in not any way endorsing Mac computers. But our on the house community manager simply loves to take with him is Macbook Air, every time he travels.

5- Notepad

Yes there are loads of apps out there that are excellent notepads. Take Evernote for example. However for the travelling artist this is a must have. You are on the margins o Siena in Paris or in the Fontana di Treva in Rome, and you simply want to take that Moleskin out, and start taking notes or filling your white canvas with lush paintings of the world around you! It´s also good to take some notes about the local culture that you can later remember.

6 – Sunglasses

Not much to say about this one. It´s a must have, whether you are going to a big city, the beach or snow. It´s always good to protect your pretty little eyes from those aggressive sun rays out there!

7- Travel Guide

Call me a purist but i personally believe this is an item that all of us that travel the world have to carry around with us. It never runs out of battery, has some amazing spots you must definitely check out. Oh and there are even some guides that give you the best places out of the tourists beaten track! Take one with you. You are definitely going to thank me when you are killing time in an airplane or on a train!

Do you agree with us?

Leave us a comment and tell us what are your 7 must pack items for your travels!

The Hand2Hand team

Hand2Hand joins Microsoft BizSpark!

Hand2Hand joins Microsoft BizSpark!

Great news everyone! We have just been accepted as a  Microsoft BizSpark Startup!

Microsoft will be helping us spread our vision of a Global Borderless Free Market.

Looking forward to see the good things that will come out for sure of this great partnership!


Launching in several other languages!

Launching in several other languages!

Because we believe in a truly global marketplace that anyone should have access to.

We are launching our website in the next few weeks in Portuguese, Spanish, German, French & Mandarin.

Our iOS & Android apps are also scheduled to be released in these languages when our final product is unleashed to the world!

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